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Fibrovein 0.2% 10 x 5ml

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This is for the use of healthcare professionals and practitioners only and are not available to the general public

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Fibrovein contains the active ingredient sodium tetradecyl sulfate, it is a clear and colourless solution for injection. Different strengths of Fibrovein are used in the treatment of uncomplicated varicose veins, large, medium or minor venules and spider veins.

What is inside?

Each ml of solution for injection contains 2 mg sodium tetradecyl sulfate. Each 5 ml vial contains 10 mg sodium tetradecyl sulfate.

What is the brand name?

STD Pharmaceutical Products Ltd

Please be aware – This is a prescription only medicine (POM) and will not be processed without receiving a copy of a valid private prescription from a registered UK prescriber


Additional information


Prescription item zero VAT (£100.00)


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