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Glutathione 600MG/4ML powder and solvent (10 pack)

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What is Tationil Glutathione?

*it is a protein (amino acid) molecule which is important as our body antioxidant, immune system booster and detoxifier
*it presents in every cell to promote normal function as maintaining the immune system
*one of the master antioxidant that mostly found in liver
*it eliminates toxic compound (such as Paracetamol) in liver
*it reconstitutes vitamin C and E which is being oxidized
*combine taking with vitamin c injection greatly enhance your immunity, reduces tiredness, more youthful skin and stay healthy
*fights against the cancer, heart disease, premature aging, autoimmune disease and chronic illness
*Produces Collagen
*Reduces Pigmentation
*Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
*Minimizes Facial Pores
*Improves Immune System

Our skin needs at least 10 vials to see a visible result by taking the treatment therapy for just a month of therapy. Others will already see the skin whitening effect after 6 to 8 vials in a 3 weeks of course treatment or even faster if with VITAMIN C Injectables or if the Glutathione is double dose.


Please be aware – This is a prescription only medicine (POM) and will not be processed without receiving a copy of a valid private prescription from a registered UK prescriber 

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